The Innovation Hub - Dubai, U.A.E
600 m2

As part of its presence within the Dubai Innovation Hub, HPE have taken two of the retail boutique pods on the development in order to create a digital customer center that showcases HPE’s technology to drive creative thinking. We designed a central connection between the two pods which is where the customer journey starts. Guests are welcomed into a bright café area that is aptly named after the original HP Garage in Palo Alto, CA. Their journey then continues into the “Lab” where the HPE team workshops with their clients crafting solutions using their technology. The design aesthetic is raw and unfinished, a metaphor for the challenge they are looking to resolve. In order to maximize the footprint of the space, a mezzanine level was added into the Lab featuring additional workshop space. As the solution starts to become defined, so do the design elements of the space, slowly building back up into a finished and polished product as guests are presented the solution within the Venue pod.

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